delia® Primula acaulis F1 hybrids

This exclusive series comes in exceptionally bright colours that contrast beautifully with the dark foliage. As if creating a backdrop, the leaves of these compact growing plants take on a dark green hue that is the perfect foil for the strong colours of the delia®’s blooms. An eye-catching series that you simply can’t pass by. What’s more, these compact growing plants can be grown without growth regulators (PGRs) and make excellent use of space in the greenhouse. As an F1 hybrid, delia® guarantees uniform growth and readiness for sale.

delia® Farbauswahl

4810230 delia® appleblossom

4810606 delia® apricot

4810500 delia® blue

4810709 delia® lilac light

4810000 delia® mix

4810200 delia® pink

4810720 delia® purple

4810400 delia® red

4810229 delia® salmon light

4810512 delia® silverblue

4810300 delia® white

4810425 delia® winered

4810100 delia® yellow

4810121 delia® yellow red eye