primella® Primula acaulis F1 hybrids

Our new primella® mixture brings an early taste of spring to those dark winter months. It offers the entire spectrum of the most popular colours in an attractive and harmonious ensemble. The plants in the primella® series are only suitable for growing under glass and bring together the most popular primula characteristics in one single mixture, which includes both single colours ranging from white through yellow to blue, as well as a number of special colours. The medium-sized flowers stand out from the compact plants with an uniformly round habit. The romantic, spring-like feel is enhanced in some flower colours by a delicate edge in a contrasting shade. A great mixture for an early start to the flowering season and a highlight for pre-spring sales.

4130230 primella® appleblossom

4130500 primella® blue

4130432 primella® burgundy

4130840 primella® elcora red

4130000 primella® mix

4130600 primella® orange

4130200 primella® pink

4130400 primella® red

4130300 primella® white org eye

4130100 primella® yellow org eye