telda Primula polyantha F1 hybrids

With their eye-catching appearance, the varieties in the new telda series are designed to inspire. The abundance of vibrant flowers adds a bright splash of colour to every spring border. The habit of these late-flowering polyanthuses showcases the merits of this special type of primrose. The loose umbels project well above the narrow, dark leaves, and yet the entire plant has a compact appearance. These unusual primroses match perfectly with the trend of natural-looking plants that are reminiscent of the original species. But before things get too nostalgic, telda sweeps this Victorian primrose strain straight into the 21st century: with their attractive spectrum of radiant, clear colour shades and impressive floral display, telda varieties are the perfect spring perennial for cheerful, eye-catching bowl plantings.

telda is available as mix.

The main features of telda F1‑Hybrids

  • Dark foliage
  • Special/unusual colours, interesting colours
  • Compact, late polyantha type
  • Well suited for planting bowls and beds
  • Nice contrast between dark foliage and bright colour
  • 336er Tray