bonneli® Primula acaulis F1 hybrids

As an F1 hybrid, the very early flowering bonneli® series stands out as being exceptionally uniform. Flowering from end November, it’s the perfect choice to kick off the primula season. Its compact growth habit virtually eliminates the need for growth regulators (PGRs), and with a density of 60–80 plants/m² you’re guaranteed a high yield per area.

bonneli® is available as separate colours or as mix.

bonneli® colour selection

bonneli® yellow org eye

bonneli® blue

bonneli® orange

bonneli® pink

bonneli® red

bonnli® white org eye

The main features of bonneli® F1‑Hybrids

  • Uniform, compact growing habit
  • Can be grown without growth regulators (PGRs)
  • Hight plant density
  • Mix of bringht colours and special colours
  • Flowering time from the end of November
  • 336er Tray