aurela Primula acaulis F1 hybrids

The medium-early to late flowering aurela is offered in an attractive mix with a wellbalanced, harmonious colour palette. The aurela is characterised by bright, clear coloured blooms with a yellow eye that contrast beautifully with the dark green, rosette-forming foliage. aurela is a compact plant that needs no growth regulators (PGRs), so a high density of approx. 80 plants/m2 is possible.

aurela is available as separate colours or as mix.

aurela colour selection

aurela white org eye

aurela lime

aurela yellow org eye

aurela red

aurela pink

aurela appleblossom

aurela purple

aurela blue

The main features of aurela F1-Hybrids

  • Compact plant habit
  • Excellent yield per area
  • Ready for sale from late February
  • 336er Tray