eblo® Primula acaulis F1 hybrids

With a track record going back decades and yet constantly being reinvented, the eblo® series is an indispensable part of any late primula growing programme. Besides their large flowers in bright colours, these uniform growing plants also stand out for the diversity of their petal markings. In addition to clear, bright colours, they also come with white-edged petals and in elcora colours. This series has it all. And it ticks all the boxes on the inside too: the robust eblo® is perfect for growing in unheated conditions.

eblo® is available as separate colours or as mix.

eblo® colour selection

eblo® white org eye

eblodie lime

eblo® cream org eye

eblo® yellow-lemon

eblo® yellow org eye

eblo® raspberry shades

eblo® pink

eblo® red

eblo® red red eye

eblo® bloody mary

eblo® appleblossom

eblo® orange yellow

eblo® orange

eblo® cream red eye

eblo® apricot

eblo® strawberry

eblo® purple

eblo® blue

eblo® blue red eye

eblo® elcora mix

eblo® elcora red

eblo® elcora rose

eblo® carmine-cream

eblo® elcora blue

eblodie pink-light

eblo® lavender

The main features of eblo® F1-Hybrids

  • Large-bloomed series with a wide range of colours and markings
  • Outdoor cultivation possible until first frost with no problems
  • Very robust, so suitable for growing in unheated conditions
  • Late flowering series for sales from early March
  • 336er Tray