sibel® Primula polyantha F1 hybrids

sibel® is a must for anyone who loves something special. This polyanthus-type primula with its large blooms that sit atop strong stems standing proud above the foliage is ideal for making a statement. But even with its longer stems, this plant has a compact, uniform appearance. Whether in bright spring sunshine yellow, two-tone scarlet or elegant white and lime, sibel® always cuts a good figure.

4310724 sibel® carmine-cream shades

4310315 sibel® english cream

4310120 sibel® golden yellow

4310330 sibel® lime

4310000 sibel® mix

4310200 sibel® pink

4310227 sibel® salmon pink shades

4310720 sibel® purple

4310400 sibel® red

4310420 sibel® scarlet

4310300 sibel® white

4310118 sibel® yellow-lemon