aurela Primula acaulis F1 hybrids

The medium-early to late flowering aurela is offered in an attractive mix with a well-balanced, harmonious colour palette. The aurela is characterised by bright, clear coloured blooms with a yellow eye that contrast beautifully with the dark green, rosette-forming foliage. aurela is a compact plant that needs no growth regulators (PGRs), so a high density of approx. 80 plants/m2 is possible.

4910230 aurela appleblossom

4910500 aurela blue

4910509 aurela blue-light

4910521 aurela blue red eye

4910840 aurela elcora red

4910000 aurela mix

4910600 aurela orange

4910200 aurela pink

4910720 aurela purple

4910410 aurela red edge

4910420 aurela red scarlet

4910300 aurela white org eye

4910100 aurela yellow org eye