30 years ago Adolf Ebbing-Lohaus had already started with his first more hobby-like primula breedings. In those days nobody could foresee the importance of the primula breeding for this company. Adolf Ebbing-Lohaus´ varieties immediately won the gardeners´recognition and were a great success in horticulture that the company today has specialized in the breeding of Primula acaulis, the production its seeds and young plants.

IPM 2018 from 23. January - 26. January

gelaya F1 Hybriden

With large flowers, vibrant colours and a uniform plant structure, the new gelaya series looks impressive even at first glance. But this very late-flowering series has another advantage: it significantly extends the selling period for your primula range as the plants do not flower until the middle of March. Cultivation is also very cost-effective as gelaya can be grown in an unheated greenhouse.   

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Auricula launches a velvet charm offensive

The main features of Primula auricula

  • Velvet, high-contrast flowers and robust, leathery foliage
  • Brilliant, luminous flower colours
  • Flowers from March to May

Available as pluggies in a 336-hole tray, from week 23-25-27
Available as bigger pluggies in a 102-hole tray, from week 30-32-34

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