Primula auricula

The main features of Primula auricula

  • Velvety, high-contrast flowers and robust, leathery foliage
  • Brilliant, luminous flower colours
  • Flowers from March to May

Available as pluggies in a 336-hole tray, from week 23-25-27
Available as bigger pluggies in a 102-hole tray, from week 30-32-34

Auricula launches a velvet charm offensive

Auricula, an almost forgotten garden treasure, was discovered in the Alps in the middle of the 16th century and bred by horticulturalists in the 18th century to become a highly fashionable plant with many flower colours and combinations. For decades it was an established feature of English front gardens. The almost black, velvety flowers in some varieties, which really set off the pale centre, are particularly charming and are once again capturing the hearts of flower lovers.

Despite its chequered history, the auricula is not just a nostalgia plant – its extraordinary beauty is right on trend: it is authentic, individual, robust, uncomplicated and unbelievably fascinating. Once you’ve got one of these enchanting colour combinations in your garden or on your windowsill, you’ll want them all!