The main features of el unistar F1-Hybrids:

  • Uniform, medium-early series
  • Round plant habit
  • Bright colours and large blooms
  • Lost of special colours, all available separately
  • Robust series, suitable for pot sizes up to 12cm diameter
  • Uniform flowering window when plugs potted up in week 36/37 onwards

Flowering time:

  • Early to late February

el unistar is available as color-sorted or as mix


available from the end of August to mid-Septemberplugs in a 336-hole tray

Primula acaulis el unistar offers the widest choice of colours in the Ebbing-Lohaus product range. This series is also extremely robust and vigorous.
As an F1 hybrid, uniform plant development is guaranteed. The plant’s round habit is particularly attractive, with the foliage forming a rosette that draws the eye to the large, pretty flowers. The el unistar standard mix includes lots of special colours which are also available separately. We also offer a pure el unistar elcora colour mix.

el unistar elcora is available as a separate mix. The wide coloured border around the bright white or yellow flowers with a yellow eye is typical of the popular elcora type. These markings give the flowers a particularly cheerful look and offer a striking contrast within the interplay of colours. Bicoloured and multicoloured flowers are on trend, which makes elcora as a special colour a welcome herald of spring. The plants in the el unistar/elcora mix impress with their lovely round habit, which forms an ideal foil for the wonderful large blooms.