The main features of stella F1-Hybrids:

  • Clusters with lots of blooms with interesting markings and eye
  • Can be grown in unheated conditions; robust, frost-hardy series
  • Long flush of very abundant flowers
  • Grow without growth regulators (PGRs) if possible to retain the typical plant habit

Flowering time:

  • Early March to late March

stella is available in pure colours and as mix

available at mid-Septemberplugs in a 336-hole tray

Cheerful flowers sitting proudly on long stems above dark green foliage. As a polyanthus type, stella is the right choice for primula lovers who are after something different. Flowering from early March, this primula has a loose, very natural-looking plant habit. Whether for the window sill, the patio or the kitchen garden, the robust, free-flowering stella will turn heads among both wholesale customers and consumers.