The special feature of the elviana varieties are their delightful markings. The red ring around the yellow eye creates an additional effect that emphasises the cheerful nature of this medium-early flowering, compact growing range. We offer a well-balanced mix of brilliant colours and pastel shades.

Pink is one of the most popular flower colours, particularly when it is as delicate and charming as this primula variety. elena brings together lots of positive qualities in a delightful plant that’s simply irresistible. The dark foliage forms an attractive, uniform foil for the large, pink flowers whose beauty is enhanced even further by the red ring around the yellow eye.

Within the ranks of yellow varieties, eltangi is one of the elite: with its unusual flower markings, it’s perfect for the more discerning customer. This compact growing plant is crowned with yellow flowers with a bright red ring on the eye-catching petals.

Here you find our seed PDF for elviana / elena /eltangi
Download: elviana / elena / eltangi